Etude Dya Ghose

Public Law

Public Law

ETUDE DYA GHOSE, Attorneys is renowned for its experience in the field of public law. We provide analytical and high standard of work in judicial review applications. We have instructed the best counsel in public law litigation cases, especially in judicial review cases and we have appeared in landmark cases in this field. Our reputation earned us the trust of clients across different sectors including high profile ones such as the Bank of Mauritius and the Financial Services Commission when their regulatory powers were challenged.


Key experience:

• Advised and successfully represented an employee before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council against a main player in the health sector where the issue of promptness was clarified by the JCPC such that today this case is a landmark one and is cited in judgments delivered by the highest jurisdictions in Mauritius.

• Representing the sole horse-racing company on a judicial review application against the decision of the Gambling Regulatory Authority to cancel all fixed-odd betting bookmaker licences operating outside the racecourse.

• Represented a main telephony services provider in Mauritius in an application against the Mauritius Revenue Authority where the issue was the right to calculate a solidarity levy on the whole turnover of the company, and whether the solidarity levy was subject to income tax.

• Successfully represented the leading money transfer service providers in interim relief applications and judicial review proceedings against the Bank of Mauritius where the dispute was on the legality of decisions of the Central Bank and constitutionality of amendments made to the Banking Act.

• Challenging the decision of the State to allot responsibility of horse race planning to the horse racing committee of the Gambling Regulatory Authority instead of the horse-racing organiser.

• Representing a municipal council in a case lodged by a political party to challenge amendments brought by the State with the view of extending the delay to hold elections of municipal councils.

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