About Us

ETUDE DYA GHOSE, Attorneys (formerly ETUDE GHOSE, Attorneys) was founded by Me Munn Datta Ghose, Attorney-at-Law in 1971. The set evolved from a solo practice headed by the patriarch to a  family practice of 4 attorneys.


Today, ETUDE DYA GHOSE, Attorneys is amongst the leading sets of Solicitors (Attorneys) practice in Mauritius, with a strong reputation for commercial, arbitration, competition and civil litigation. We represent local and foreign companies and individuals in a variety of fields including but not limited to commercial law, insolvency, arbitration, civil litigation, enforcement, tax, trusts, competition law, IP, corporate structuring, enforcement, administrative law amongst others. Our experience spans over numerous industries, including telecommunications, tourism, energy, financial services, construction, gambling and betting, diamond dealing and construction. We regularly appear before all jurisdictions in Mauritius in complex and high value cases. We act as agents for a number of clients before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Our litigation practice involves disputes brought 

in other jurisdictions including Cayman Islands, India, Cyprus, Geneva, Zambia, Mozambique, Australia, New York amongst others wherein we have to give strategic advice as to which jurisdiction will be more appropriate for our clients to pursue their claims.

Members of our team are independent and self-employed. Our team offers high quality level service to clients. We are accessible, responsive, dynamic, aggressive or diplomatic to suit the interests of the client, tactful and disarming.  ETUDE DYA GHOSE, Attorney ethos is to provide constant timely and expert service. We offer the best strategy to our clients and focus on the salient issues. 


Over the years, ETUDE DYA GHOSE, Attorneys has brought together a young, dynamic and efficient team with unmatched energy and enthusiasm. The lawyers are offered regular training to keep them up to date. The team seeks innovative solutions to deliver the very best quality service to clients – especially through their adept use of technology. We think ahead and out of the box and are always one step ahead of our opponents, which is an asset highly appreciated by clients. Etude Dya Ghose, Attorneys has the privilege of giving its undivided time, focus and resources to clients. For high profile or complex cases, the whole team is sometimes brought on board for more efficiency. 


One of our salient features is our strong and knowledgeable clerking team. Our clerks are experienced, efficient, very friendly, helpful, pragmatic and offers full support to clients. They have a detailed understanding of the forums before which we practise. They enjoy good relations with court officers which is very helpful. We further have a flexible and open approach to fee negotiations.


ETUDE DYA GHOSE, Attorneys also offer mentorship to students at the University of Mauritius and other local institutions. We regularly host students for pupillage and mini pupillage at our offices and train them. We sponsor the most brilliant and capable students through university up till their vocational examinations and they join us after their graduation.  


Our Ethos

Honesty, integrity and confidentiality

We provide ethical representation and work to build long lasting relationships founded upon honesty and mutual respect.

Convenience and accessibility

We are easily accessible being located in the city center but we are also flexbile to meet you at your most convenient place. We effectively communicate with clients, keep them informed and remain available to service them at all times.

Delivery of practical solutions combined with best quality service

We provide the highest degree of personal care and attention. We will listen to you, answer your questions, and give you clear explanations of what your options are step-by-step.


We work ethically and we do not get involved in situations likely to give rise to a conflict of interests. Our independence allows us to advise our clients in the best possible manner.

Timely services to clients

We deliver the required outcome as scheduled and at cost-effective billing rates.

Competence and expertise

We take on assignments based on our training, expertise and experience, in order to propose effective solutions to our clients.