Etude Dya Ghose

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

ETUDE DYA GHOSE, Attorneys admire and respect creative work and ideas. They therefore give their best to protect your creations – whether it is a company logo or a computer software program or a design. We have represented entrepreneurs, private companies and international companies.


Protecting your work to the highest calibre drives our efforts to learn about and promote the latest developments in the intellectual property arena. Our IP&T professionals lecture, teach and publish on intellectual property subjects. Additionally, we participate in committees of related organizations.

Key experience:

• Advising and successfully defended a well-known advertising company against a competitor with regards to original designs of billboard.

• Assisted the horse racing organiser in registering the names of all its horses and logos.

• Advising and represented racing organiser in a claim of MUR 7 billion against the state in a claim of deprivation of proprietary rights over horse racing products resulting from amendments to laws.

• Advising and defended a distributor company in a claim of MUR 3 million lodged by Dell Inc in a claim for infringement of rights under the Copyright Act, Patents Act and other related legislation.

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